Among my favourite things in the world are surprise parties and dressing up. So you can imagine my “over-the-moon-ness” when I decided to throw my friends a “surprise faux wedding”!

It all came about when Jay and I realized we weren’t able to make it to their (real) wedding this July. I hate missing a good wedding. It’s one of the few moments in life where I forget about my to-do lists, errands, debts, unfinished crafts, etc and immerse myself in the gooey, gorgeous lovey-doviness of a wedding. It’s also the perfect opportunity to dust off neglected heels, get a haircut and wear a favourite dress before it’s launched out of style. Then, there are the drinks… but I won’t go into that.

Summer is a busy time for Jay and besides the typical – finding a home for the dog, someone to collect the mail and water the plants – we have to add the feat of finding affordable flights and/or coordinating the 8 hour ferry trip plus 20 hour care ride – one way. It often means being creative. And if we can’t make it TO the wedding, then I guess we’ll have to bring the wedding to us. Et voila! Surprise faux wedding.

The troops are mobilized quickly. Wedding cake ordered, flowers picked from nearby fields, grad dress and thrift store gag wedding attire selected, ceremony written and beverages purchased. The unsuspecting couple arrived on time for our casual invite to dinner, when 14 well-dressed friends jumped out from behind a large, red rhododendron bush.

“Surprise!” “Happy wedding!” “Hooray!” (We had forgotten to choreograph the precise surprise statement). The blushing bride tears up while the stunned groom lets his mouth hang wide as this new information soaks in. Cheers and hugs, cracked beers and poured wine – the party has begun! And despite ominous clouds threatening to rain on our party, all remains dry (minus a few eyes).

Sometimes I think life is quite simple. Be good to those around you, love and appreciate your friends and family, and when in doubt throw a surprise party.

the groom

the gents

cake cutting (leafs vs. canucks)